Terms and Conditions

In order to reserve one of our vacation homes, you agree to these terms and conditions below:


Before a reservation can be reserved and any lodging premises rented, these terms and conditions must be agreed to by all applicable parties (Tenant & UBVR or Company). Tenant and Tenant’s Guests clearly understand and agree to abide by all terms and conditions of the full “UBVR Vacation Rental Agreement”. For your protection, we ask for a legible copy of your driver’s license to verify your identity and age. We have a strict privacy policy and do not share your personal information with anyone. Guest or Tenant wording is interchangeable.


1.  General Terms:  UBVR furnishes and stocks the rental properties for your convenience and enjoyment. The kitchen is stocked with basic kitchenware, and cookware. All properties are fully furnished and are equipped with television and cable TV service. Some properties have home theater rooms and hot tubs. Bedding and linens are provided for the bedrooms. Basic toiletry supplies are provided for the bathrooms including 1 towel per listed occupant. UBVR provides a guestbook for each home that gives information about the area and how to operate the equipment in the property. Please do not remove the guestbook. Additional guest services are available upon request for additional fees, including but not limited to: discounted rental cars, discount ski packages (equipment rentals and lift tickets), limo/shuttle services, massages, grocery delivery, child care, pet care, video games & consoles, and sports recreation kits.

2.  Advertising Information:  Utah’s Best Vacation Rentals (UBVR) makes reasonable efforts to ensure that advertising data is correct; however, properties, products, amenities, services, and information published on UBVR’s Web site and other advertising directories (such as VRBO, Home Away, Flipkey, etc.) may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. UBVR does not guarantee the accuracy of, and disclaims liability for inaccuracies relating to the pricing and description of the vacation rental properties, car, and other travel products displayed on any of these web sites (including, without limitation, photographs, property descriptions, amenities, pricing, etc.). Changes and improvements to descriptions and pricing may be made at any time and without notice.

3.  Reservation Requirements:  Reservations are not complete until contract has been signed and payment has been received. Contracts are to be returned via Docusign electronic signature program. You may also send completed contracts back via fax number 801-747-0212 or email to ubvr.contracts@ubvrs.com. Valid picture I.D. is required on all reservations at the time of reservation. Tenant must be 21 or older to book any reservation unless the Tenant (at least 21 years old) has a co-signer that is approved by UBVR. UBVR reserves the right to charge a $100 reservation fee if the contract is not signed within 72 hours or receipt.

4.  Methods of Payment: UBVR accepts the following forms of payment: all major credit cards and money orders. A processing fee of 7% of the total reservation is charged and not limited to credit card fees, administrative fee, linen usage etc. This charge can be found on your Registration Card and is included in the "Home Assessment Fee" total. Regardless of the payment type, a credit card must be on file to cover incidental expenses and damages. UBVR's policy is payment in full at time of booking (100%). However, Tenant may be given the option to pay 50% down and 50% within 90 days from the arrival.  A $15 charge will be applied each time a credit card is declined.

5.  Cancellations:  If Tenant cancels the reservation for any reason, 90 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival, they will forfeit 50% of the total paid rental amount. If Tenant cancels the reservation less than 90 days prior to arrival they forfeit the FULL rental amount. All cancellations and refunds are subject to a processing fee of 7%. See #20 for Travel Insurance policies that will provide cancellation insurance.

6.  Property Availability: UBVR reserves the right to provide alternative accommodations of equal or greater value, at no extra charge, if it becomes necessary to relocate a guest or group should a property become unavailable. 

7.  Damages to Property:  By signing this Contract, Tenant understands that he/she will be held financially responsible for damages caused by Tenant and/or Tenant’s guests. Within three days of departure, the property will be inspected, documented and Tenant will only be contacted if damages are found. When damages are found, UBVR will do everything possible to repair the property quickly and efficiently. Tenant will be sent an accounting of work done and the costs incurred. At that time the Tenant's authorized credit card will be charged. Tenant is responsible for reporting any damage (especially water damage) to UBVR's Guest Services at 800-410-2251 or 801-747-0218 immediately upon discovery. If such damage occurred prior to Tenant's arrival, Tenant must immediately disclose such damage to UBVR to avoid liability or being held financially responsible. UBVR reserves the right to enter the property during reasonable hours to inspect, make necessary repairs, alterations or improvements. See #19 for Accidental Damage Insurance policies.

8.  Theft is against the law and will be reported to the proper authorities. UBVR has No Tolerance for theft. Tenant's credit card will be charged 200% of the cost to replace any items taken from the property include but not limited to: (towels, pillows, linens, DVDs, games, kitchen utensils, knick-knacks, etc.).

9.  UBVR supports all efforts to be Green by conserving water, energy and the environment. Tenants agree to act responsibly while staying at the rental property by:

10.  Our homes are only to be used for residential purposes only. Please review the "Fee/Fine Schedule Addendum" below for the policies and fine amounts. The following policies are in effect at all UBVR properties. Fines, fees or other penalties will apply and will be strictly enforced due to failure of these rules.

·      NO PETS are allowed in any property without written consent and full payment of applicable pet fee.

·      SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED at all properties, indoors or out, at ALL time. Fines will be assessed.

·      Illegal substances and underage drinking are against the law and are prohibited.  Proper authorities will be contacted.

·      Please do not disturb the neighbors. Loud noise and access to back yards and hot tubs is prohibited after 10:00 pm.

·      No additional overnight guests are allowed. Prior to check-in, UBVR must receive an updated Occupants List, if different from that received at time of reservation. 


·      No large gatherings such as, but not limited to: (5 or more additional guests), receptions, luncheons, events, weddings, etc. are allowed without expressed written consent from UBVR.

·      STREET PARKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT ALL PROPERTIES AND AT ALL TIMES. Vehicles parked in the street WILL be towed at Tenant's expense. 

·      4 cars maximum per property (South Towne Condo, Red Pines and Mountain Pointe only 2 cars max). Parking is limited to garages and drive ways ONLY. 

·      No RVs, boats, trailers, or campers may be parked at the properties without advanced written consent.

·      Upon checkout, all doors and windows must be securely locked. Keys and garage door openers must be left on kitchen counter.

·      Trash cans must be put out and returned on the appropriate day and time. Times are posted on the fridge and in guest book.

·      UBVR requires at least one party signing the contract to reside at the property for the entire rental period.

11.  UBVR will make every effort to ensure that the hot tub (if available at the property rented) is fully functional, serviced and clean at time of check-in. Tenant must inform UBVR immediately upon finding problems with the hot tub. At that time, UBVR will do everything possible to make needed repairs or cleanings of the hot tub quickly and efficiently. If it is determined that damage to the hot tub is due to Tenant actions, the costs to fix such problems will be withheld from the Tenant's deposit. See #7 Damages to Property. Do to the mechanical nature of hot tubs and the extreme weather conditions which they are stored in, UBVR does not and cannot guarantee functionality of hot tubs. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO HOT TUB OPERATIONAL FAILURE. 


12.  UBVR will make every effort to ensure that snow is cleared and the property is accessible prior to check-in. It is the Tenant's responsibility to maintain and remove snow and ice from the driveway, porch, stairs and walkways during the stay. Snow removal equipment (shovel, salt) is available at the property. Tenant accepts liability, including personal injury that may arise from the lack of compliance regarding snow removal.

13.  The Premises are being rented at Tenant's own risk. Tenant fully discharges UBVR, Owner, Owner’s agents, employees and/or contractors from any and all liability including any personal injury to Tenant or Tenant(s) Permitted Invitees. Tenant accepts full responsibility for any and all injuries, theft of property or damages of any kind which may result from the use of the rented property and any amenities provided by UBVR. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold UBVR and/or the property owner harmless to the extent allowed by law from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including Tenant's guests). This provision is not intended to insulate UBVR or the property owner from the obligation to comply with the duties imposed by the applicable laws of the State of Utah. This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah and in the event of a dispute, any legal action may be maintained only in the county and State where the subject Property is located. Tenant agrees that UBVR or the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees, court fees, costs, arbitration filing fees, in addition to any other relief to which the prevailing party may be entitled.

14. No refunds will be given for but not limited to: bad weather, snow, sun, snow removal, ski resort closures, public evacuations, highway conditions or repairs/construction, noisy traffic, malfunctions of air conditioner, heating system, kitchen appliances, entertainment equipment, computer equipment, pools, hot tubs, telephone service, internet service, gaming tables, lights, laundry appliances, plumbing problems, and/or general home repair breakdowns. Every effort will be made to ensure that all equipment and appliances are working properly or that repairs are made in a timely manner. Please report any inoperative equipment to UBVR immediately. UBVR and/or its representatives may enter property during reasonable hours to perform maintenance or repairs. If the property is unavailable for occupancy, Tenant will be given a voucher towards a future stay of equal value with UBVR. Internet may not be  used for any  type/s  of UNLAWFUL OR PROHIBITED USES  by the State of Utah laws  at the rented property during this rental agreement contract. The tenant/s   are responsible  and  are  liable for any such type of Illegal download/s or other Illegal uses during the agreed stay  per rental invoice for booked tenant.

15.  UBVR is a property management company employed by the owner(s) of each property as agent to advertise, manage, negotiate and sign contracts on their behalf. UBVR is not responsible for property owner's actions even if it is contrary to the UBVR Vacation Rental Agreement.

16. Any Tenant who leases residential property subject to a vacation rental agreement for 30 days or less may be evicted and removed from the property in an expedited eviction proceeding if the Tenant: 1) holds over possession after the rental period, 2) commits a material breach of the terms of this contract, or 3) has entered into the contract by fraud or misrepresentation.

17.  This Contract along with the Registration Form Contract Authorization Addendum, the Occupants Information Addendum and the Fee/Fine Schedule Addendum constitute the entire contractual agreements among all the applicable parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and no representations or covenants, whether oral or written, have been made regarding the subject matter hereof except as provided herein and above. Therefore, no additional agreements will be honored unless they are expressly written in the notes section of the Summary Addendum.

18.  Every provision of this Contract is intended to be severable, and if any term or provision hereof shall be declared illegal, invalid, or in conflict with Utah Law or the purposes of this Contract for any reason whatsoever, or if the enforcement of any provision shall be waived, the validity of the remainder of this Contract shall not be affected thereby.

19.  UBVR requires the purchase of a $70 CSA Travel Protection for all accidental damages. This Insurance Policy covers accidental damage claimed by guests during the entire booked stay. CSA does not cover damage caused intentionally or as a result of negligence, damage by pets, or theft of property, etc. Your UBVR invoice will reflect the purchase the CSA Insurance Policy so that our Guest may enjoy without worries. CSA will send the policy and coverage details to our Guest if requested in writing.

20.  Governing Law/Venue:  This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah, without regard to the principles of conflicts of laws.  By executing this agreement, you and your permitted invitees agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and agree to the venue of the courts of the State of Utah, whether state courts or federal courts of the County in which the property is located in the State of Utah.  You and your permitted invitees hereto agree not to bring an action in any court of law located outside the State of Utah.   In the event of a dispute, Tenant/s and UBVR agree to an action in small claims court or to submit to binding arbitration. 

21.  Credit Card Authorized Hold: UBVR reserves the right to place a $500 authorized hold via credit card to cover any additional incidental expenses prior to check in. Examples include, but are not limited to: excessive property damage, theft, unauthorized use of property and/or premises, etc. 

22.  Vacation Rental Insurance: UBVR recommends that all Tenants purchase the CSA Insurance that covers trip cancellations, trip delays, loss of luggage, skis and sportsman equipment, medical expenses, emergency evacuations, accidental death and dismemberment, car rental collision coverage, 24-hour emergency hotline, concierge services, identity theft assistance, pet return service, roadside assistance and vehicle return assistance. UBVR will purchase the insurance on behalf of the Tenant and will send the proof of purchase. Learn more here: http://www.utahsbestvacationrentals.com/custimages/csa.pdf  

In consideration of the  monies recited and the mutual obligations contained herein, UBVR does hereby lease and rent the Premises above to Tenant, under the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract.  UBVR signs this agreement without respect to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or familial status of any tenant.





Early Check-In Fee


Before 4 pm, but not before 1 pm (24-48 hr. prior notice required)

Late Check-Out Fee


Per hour after 11 am, full daily rate after 1 pm (24-48 hr. notice required)

Cancellation Fee (by Tenant for any reason)


50% of PAID rental amount if canceled 90 days prior to arrival

Cancellation Fee (by Tenant for any reason)



100% of rental amount if canceled less than 90 days prior to arrival


Full financial responsibility (exceeding purchased accidental damage coverage)

Unauthorized Pet


Per pet; if not disclosed, paid for, & written in contract notes at time of booking



Any odor remaining or cigarette remnants left behind (indoors or out)

Possession of Illegal Substance


Per incident per person, reported to proper authorities

Emergency Fee


Delivery fee for any additional supplies or equipment

Excessive Party Size


Large gathering (5 or more additional guests) without written consent


Noise Ordinance Violation or Spa Violation


Per person per night for additional guests exceeding maximum occupancy. View occupancy limits on www.ubvrs.com property details


Noise after 10 pm; fine charged per each neighbor complaint or police report

Unauthorized Street Parking


Per car per day (may be towed at Tenant's expense)

Unauthorized RV and/or Boat Parking


Per RV per day (may be towed at Tenant's expense)

Lost Keys and Garage Door Openers


Keys and garage door openers must be left on kitchen counter

Failure to Secure Home (Windows/Doors)


Upon every departure

Unauthorized Locking of Room Doors


Requiring locksmith to remedy